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List of Frequently Asked Questions

A. The winners' announcement will be announced on the official website of the contest after November 23, 2020.

Winners will be contacted individually.

For the awards ceremony, we will inform the winners separately after confirming the spread of Corona 19 at the time of the winners' announcement.

A. The criteria of domestic and overseas are as follows

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1. Excellent Cases of Domestic Forestry Spread to Overseas

- Adequacy(20): Understanding the purpose of the contest, Adequacy of the background of the case

- Excellence(50): Excellence of the introduced case, Novelty, and originality of the case, Participant's contribution of the case

- Effectiveness(30): Effectiveness and influence of the case, Domestic implications of the case

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2. Description of Overseas Forestry Cases and Experience

- Suitability (20): Understanding the purpose of the contest, Suitability of background of the case

- Excellence(40): Excellence of the introduced case, Novelty, and originality of the case, Participant's contribution of the case

- Effectiveness(40): Appropriateness and feasibility of the case, Effectiveness when domestically adopted.

A. The prize money will be paid through the personal account after the award ceremony, after deducting taxes. Winners must submit relevant documents such as identification and a copy of the bank account to the office to receive the prize money

In the case of team-level awards, it will be collectively paid to the representative on the application form. The prize money distribution is a matter between joint winners, and the contest organization is not responsible for or involved in this.

A. In principle, the copyright of the entry work belongs to the submitter. The Korea Forestry Promotion Institute may edit and use the original work only for public interest and publicity, as long as it does not significantly damage the original work.

A. The award-winning work will be used by the Korea Forestry Promotion Institute as online (homepage posting, SNS posting, advertisement media utilization, etc.) and offline (book, pamphlet, advertisement media utilization, etc.) materials. As a way to promote the spread of value in and out of forestry and to reproduce and transmit it for public interest purposes for three years from the date of the award-winning work's announcement. In this process, we may edit and utilize the work within the scope that does not significantly damage the original work. The original work copyright will be discussed separately with the winners in the future if necessary, depending on the scope of promotion and reprocessing of the winning work.

A. It is not possible to modify the submitted work after submission. If you want to change the work or personal information, etc. You must cancel the application details on the 'Registration Confirmation' page and submit again.

A. You can only register online for the contest through the website.

Once you access the contest entry on the top menu, complete your personal information and submit your data to upload the file, you will see a pop-up saying "Submitted Successfully.“

If you have seen this pop-up, your application has been completed, and the contest office will send you a separate confirmation email after the submission date. If you haven't seen the pop-up or haven't received the submission confirmation email, please contact the office(, 02-6342-8800).

A. The application period is from October 26 (Tue) to November 15 (Mon) midnight.

If the deadline is near, it may not be possible to apply smoothly, so please apply in advance!

A. After downloading the form from the contest's official website, fill out the information and submit it through the website. If you upload photos and videos related to the introduction case at the time of submission, you may receive additional points.

This Contest is supported by the Korean Green Funds(the Korea Forest Service’s Lottery Fund)